Why pure wool felt?

Why Pure Wool Felt

Why Pure Wool Felt

Why pure wool felt? Thick and thin pure wool felt is becoming increasingly popular, as many people become more aware of sustainability issues. Yes, it is true, it costs more than its synthetic counterpart, but the cost to the environment is far less, as it is an entirely natural product that will decompose over time. It is also much more pleasant to the touch than synthetic felt.

In buying felt made from 100% wool we also support the sheep farmers, the wool fleece has to be shorn off the sheep for welfare reasons and we might as well make good use of it. Currently the average farmer gets less for a sheep’s wool fleece than it cost him/her to get a sheep shearer in to do the job. And if the farmers stop rearing sheep, because neither the meat nor the raw wool prices make it profitable to do so, hillside grazing that is only suitable for sheep will be left to overgrow and we will lose the beautiful sight of grazing sheep and spring lambs all over the countryside. Wool felt can be used for so many different things.

For the artistically minded person the possibilities are endless. Many of our everyday items can now be made of felt, camera pouches, Ipod cases, laptop cases, bags and place mats and castors, slippers and insoles and cushion covers, items of clothing for big and small, the list goes on. Many jewellers and designers now use 2mm felt or 3mm wool felt as a backdrop for their displays or as padding in their jewellery boxes,, photographers use it  for their studios. It is used in sound engineering, for restoration jobs and for industrial purposes. Let us continue using this fantastic material called wool felt, that has been around for eternity, thus reducing the amount of toxic waste we have to deal with on our planet.

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